Eva La Rue In Style Weddings Cover Shoot


Go behind the scenes at Eva La Rue's In Style Weddings cover shoot.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Eva La Rue, and I'm shooting the cover for the In Style Weddings winter issue. Very few shoots in my life have ever come together so beautifully with a hair style who's fantastic. The makeup artist was fantastic. Photographer was fantastic. [MUSIC] Richard did my hair today and he was absolutely incredible. I mean really, really fantastic. We did an Audrey Hepper in Sort of Up. We did Down. We did you know, a little [UNKNOWN]. We did twists, with like a, a feather, and oh, it was just, it was amazing. Joe really likes my hair down. I think boys, you know, girls always like to put their hair up, but boys always like it down. He just kinda likes it down and curly and sexy, and windblown. So, I think I'm gonna, I'm gonna go with that. I would describe my personal style as being conservatively sexy. Like a little bit sexy but not to sexy. Not to trendy, more classic. My favorite dress of shoot today was a Monique Lhuillier dress that was sort of low cut in the front and had a really deep back. And it was just beautiful. My ring is 4.3 carats. It's a Cushing cut. It's from Shenandoah Jewelers in New York City. And I love it. I love, love, love it. [MUSIC] We wanna have a beach wedding, and we're gonna do it in Mexico, while I'm on Hiatus next year. The big thing for me was I had never dated in front of my daughter. So she, Joe was the first person she ever met and she was five. It was a big deal to me whether or not she was gonna like him, and she adored. They adore each other. [MUSIC] I think I'm gonna be a really laid back beachy windswept bride. You know, I don't sweat the details once they've been figured out. And if they happen, they happen, and if they don't, they don't. So, I think it's just gonna be a really fun beach party, which is what I'm looking forward to, all candle lit. And, and I just want everybody to have a great time. [MUSIC]
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