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How to create Esme's smooth, sleek style.


[MUSIC] Hi, this is Jenna, and she's going to be my model for the Esme look. Now what I've done so far, her hair has been shampooed, and it's been prepped with some mousse again, so she gonna get a good volume and a good base in your hair. I've taken two sections. I don't do a lot of sections I just try to keep it under control because her hair's so long. So just one section on top and one section back here so your not messing with a whole lot of hair. And I am going to take my medium brush and my blow dryer. And I'm going to start at the bottom and work my way up. You're gonna want to put a lot of fullness and volume in this, so give it a lift in your root, over direct it a little bit and get some oomph into your hair. And make sure you curl your bottoms under so that you're not fighting with it later when you go back in with your iron. We finished blow drying. Now Jenna has much finer hair than Elizabeth. Elizabeth has very thick curly hair and you're basically doing the same thing but with different products. On Elizabeth's hair we used a product that makes her hair much sleeker and slimmer. And on Jenna's hair we've put product in to pump her hair up. Kay if you've got curly hair you're gonna wanna start at the base and do the whole length of the hair. Since we're not dealing with curly hair, we don't really need to do that. We can just go in and put a bend on her ends. Put that bend in at the bottom of her hair, just by turning your iron. Let it cool off. And you can use a heat protected spray, at this point if you want to. Which will also help it hold. The good news is, you don't have to go over it very much. Because it's such a great iron. See what a great bend you get? It has to do with the fact that the iron is actually curved on the edges, as you can see. And as you bend your wrist you get that nice shape out of it. As you get closer to the top you're gonna get closer to your root and you're gonna do that for volume. Now we were shooting in extreme cold believe it or not in Louisiana which you wouldn't expect but it was winter time. And last winter was just, it was cold, it was very cold. And the dampness that happens with that cold is, you know, about the equivalent of shooting in, in like humid tropic conditions. So it's really important that you get a good base in your hair and that your tools are hot enough and that you can really make that hair stay. Now, Jenna has bangs and Elizabeth didn't. So I'm kinda treating Jenna like she doesn't have bangs. I've pulled them over to the side and made them part of her hairdo. Go in any section that you see, that isn't quite where you want it to be, don't be afraid to go back in and get it where you need it to be. You know if you need to you can always put a little bit of backcombing in, not a whole lot. [MUSIC] And there you go. [MUSIC] Esme hair. [MUSIC]
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