Watch Ellie Bamber Name Things as Red as Her Hair


What's as vibrant as Ellie Bamber's fashion sense? Her gorgeous red hair, of course. So, while we had Bamber on set to shoot a spread for InStyle's March issue, we asked the English actress to take on an unusual task: naming red things.

"So I have to name red things because I have red hair, is that right?" she asked, looking apprehensive. But as it turns out, Bamber was a natural, rapid-fire naming everything from Little Red Riding Hood to double-decker buses and even her co-star Isla Fisher's hair.

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"Tune in next week. I'll be naming green things," the 19-year-old jokes after putting on an impressive display. Watch the hilarious video up top to see the Chanel ambassador show off her hidden talent.

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Ellie, if this whole Hollywood thing doesn't work out, you might be a future in game shows ahead.


So I have to name red things, because I have red hair? Is that right? [MUSIC] Why? [LAUGH] I'm kidding, I'll do it. Little Red Riding Hood. [SOUND] Lobster. [SOUND] Postman Pat's van. [SOUND] Coca-Cola. [SOUND] Pinterest. [SOUND] Netflix. [SOUND] Apples. [SOUND] Strawberries. [SOUND] Is cherries, red telephone box in London, red double decker bus, my hair, Isla's hair, Amy's hair, Julianne Moore's hair, just about any redheads there. Red stop sign. Blood. The red Power Ranger. Lips. Ladybug. Bloodshot eyes. [LAUGH] That's kind of weird. No wait, wait, wait. This is not fair. I can't do this. It's so much pressure. Tune in next week, I'll be naming green things. [LAUGH]
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