WATCH: Elle Fanning on Red Carpet Dressing: “It’s Very Exciting for Me”

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17-year-old actress Elle Fanning seems to have an innate ability to dash in front of any step and repeat and dazzle the cameras with her effervescence. So when the blonde starlet once again teamed up with InStyle Fashion Director Melissa Rubini for a sitting alongside Trumbo co-stars Helen Mirren and Diane Lane for InStyle’s November issue, she proved just how confident she is in her own skin.

In the shots, Fanning slips into casual, daytime denim ensembles by the likes of Sonia Rykiel, Marco de Vincenzo, and Balenciaga. And while the star impressed us with her model-esque abilities, she won us over when she paused from her shoot to discuss all things red carpet on set. “It’s fun to create those memories and have that, and just kind of do what you want on a red carpet ‘cause you want to feel comfortable and feel confident,” she says of her red carpet philosophy in the video above.

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The style savant credits a love of fashion for the risk taking, on-trend looks she frequently sports. “I definitely experiment with them and I always try them even if they’re wacky, even if it’s like socks and sandals, like I’ll dive right in and I’ll go for it,” she says. “In the next five years I’m definitely going to go through a lot of different kind of ranges and even if I look back on it and I’m like, ‘Oh my god! That was hideous. That was terrible!’ In the moment, that’s what I wanted to wear and that’s what I wanted to look like, so hopefully I’ll be experimenting a lot ‘cause I’m all for that.”

Fanning moves on to explain who she turns to for style advice, and also reveals some of her favorite looks she’s ever worn. Don’t think she’s jaded from stepping onto the carpet after all these years, though. “The red carpet’s always really exciting to me,” she says. “I like that feeling—it’s kind of like no other when you step out and you’re there and it’s happening. But it always goes so fast, but each one is very exiting for me, so they’re fun.”

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Watch the video above for more from Fanning, and to see her full feature, pick up the November issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download now. 


[MUSIC] When dressing for big events I guess my approach, well I guess for, if it was like a movie premiere I kinda get inspired by the character that I'm playing in my film. So I take a little bit of that so it makes it unique to that moment. For the film, like when I did Malificent, I was very princessy on the red carpet. I wore a lot of big, kind of gowns. And it was very girly. And yeah, so, it's fun to create those memories and have that. And just like, kinda Do you what you want on the red carpet cuz you wanna feel comfortable and feel confident. Well there's always new trends that are popping up and I tend to always, I definitely experiment with them. And I always try them, even if they're wacky. Even if it's socks with sandals. I'll dive right in. [LAUGH] And I'll go for it. In the next five years I'm definitely gonna go through a lot of different kind of ranges and yeah, even if I look back on it and I'm like oh my god, that was hideous, that was terrible, in the moment that's what I wanted to wear and that's what I wanted to look like so hopefully I'll be experimenting a lot cuz I'm all for that. [MUSIC] I think I get a lot style tips from my Mom and she's very classic. She's always been like you just want to look classy, and so she, like, her style icon is Grace Kelly. And so So for me I think that that's definitely passed down to me and my sister, I love her. Her wedding dress is the ultimate thing, I hope that I look like that on my wedding day. Who else, Kate Blanchette for me, I always think that she looks incredible on the red carpet, she just Just beautiful, and wears the best clothes. And it's like adventurous too. Like that Givenchy light purple dress she wore. I'm not sure where she wore it, but that was like my favorite thing for the longest time. She just looked amazing. And she had like just cut her hair. I was super cool. Yeah, so I guess those two. They're two blondes. [LAUGH] I love blondes. [LAUGH] My best red carpet moment, Toronto film festival and I wore this mew mew suit head to toe purple, kind of Austin Powers suit [LAUGH]. And I loved it so much, I had seen it in Carly Klosward on the runway, and I remember seeing it on and I was like that's amazing, and so I wanted to wear Wear it so badly, and they allowed me to. I remember going into the [UNKNOWN] store, and they had it there. And they're like, this was on Carly. And like oh my god, I tried it. And definitely the pants were way to long, because she has much longer legs than than me. But yeah, they pinned it up and made it fit and everything. Yeah, that was a huge moment. I wore like the huge clunky [UNKNOWN] shoes as well, it was like the head to toe thing, I'll always remember it, one of my favorites. The Red Carpet's always really exciting to me, like I get nervous, like [SOUND] you know there's so many people there and like lots of lights [LAUGH]. Yeah, and each one is, I don't know like the adrenaline's pumping and you also It's exciting cuz then the whole day you're waiting for that event and then they come and people do your hair and your make up. And it's always like it's leading up to that big moment when you step out of the car and I like that feeling. It's kind of like no other when you step our and you're there. And it's happening. But it always goes so fast that each one is very exciting for me, it's fun. [MUSIC]
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