Go Behind the Scenes of Elle Fanning’s Your Look Cover Shoot


From her early ascent onto our list of favorite Hollywood actresses, Elle Fanning proved she not only has what it takes to hold her own in blockbuster pictures like Maleficent and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but also to repeatedly stun on the red carpet. That’s exactly why the 17-year-old talent graces the cover of InStyle's special fashion-themed Your Look issue, on newsstands September 11.

Dressed in some of fall’s most coveted off-the-runway pieces, like a black strapless Stella McCartney top she told us she loved, the beauty posed with natural makeup and her signature blonde middle part, all of which led to the creation of stunning, memorable images.

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So what is Fanning on the hunt for this fall? “I definitely want to find some good, soft turtlenecks,” she says in the video above. “I don’t know if that’s what a lot of teenagers wear," she adds with a laugh, "but I am super into it.” Yes, her fashion choices are wise beyond her years, but there’s still a glimpse of teenagedom in her style. “I definitely want some kitten heels, preferably ones with sparkles on them. I’m a very sparkly girl.”

The younger of two sisters—Dakota Fanning is her ultra-famous sibling—she also discussed her affinity for her natural hair color: “I’ll always be a blonde at heart,” she says. But don’t expect her gorgeous locks to stay the same. “You know what I actually want my next shade to be?" she asks charmingly. "Light pink! Hopefully. If my mom allows me!"

Watch Fanning’s behind-the-scenes video above to see exclusive footage from her photo shoot, and for more from InStyle's Your Look, pick up the special issue, on newsstands September 11.

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Hi, I'm Elle and welcome to my Instyle cover hoot. Everything was kind of really simple. The make up was simple. The hair was. I think my favorite, it's hard to choose between clothes for me because I love clothes, but the last one we shot There were some grey, like very wide trousers. Then this little Stella McCartney strapless top that went with it. I liked that one. For fall, I definitely want to find some good soft turtlenecks. I don't know [LAUGH] if that is what a lot of teenagers wear, but I am super. Some kitten heels. I definitely want some kitten heels. Probably ones with sparkles on them. [LAUGH] Very sparkly girl. I'll always be a blonde at heart so I definitely felt like I was in a disguise when I had the other colors but the red was super fun. I definitely stood out. It was very bright. The brunette I felt a little more studios. [LAUGH] I felt like my IQ went up a little bit. You know what I actually want my next shade to be? Light pink I would love, I've been telling my mom this and I'm like please just let me do it. Let me do it. Just a nice look like cotton candy, I think that maybe you'll see me in that. Hopefully my mom'll allow me. [MUSIC] Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon, I've got to work with them and three generations. It was really amazing. Having those two very powerful and incredible women and actresses on set. They especially helped me with the role I was playing. It was very challenging. And I think all three of us cared so much about the story, and we just wanted to tell Ray's journey in the most loving and compassionate way. I learned a lot. Just them as women, you know? Hopefully I get to keep in touch. We have each other's phone numbers so we text occasionally. I follow Susan on Instagram, so [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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