Elizabeth Banks Shares Beauty Hits & Misses

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The star reveals her best -- and worst -- red carpet beauty looks.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Elizabeth Banks and I'm on a shoot for InStyle's March issue. Classic beauty Elizabeth Banks took a moment to rate some of her most memorable red carpet looks. Plus, she gives a few tips along the way. That's a picture from the MTV Movie Awards. I was nominated for best kiss with Mark Wahlberg, which is pretty exciting. We lost, to Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Farrell, I mean, guy on guy kissing is always gonna win out over girl on guy kissing at the MTV movie awards, so we knew we were gonna lose. The dress is Christian Dior, it's one of my favorite dresses, I love bright colors, it was short and sassy. Kinda the way I was feeling that day. That's from the premier of Le Divorce. I didn't have a great haircut. I will say, the key to a great beauty arsenal is basics, so you have to have good skin and a nice haircut. That's from the premier of Slither. I got this amazing, Moschino leopard print dress. We went with very highly stylized sort of 50s hair to match the dress. I think red lips are great for the red carpet, but I consider myself to have chicklet teeth, really big teeth, so I try not to draw attention to my mouth and my giant smile. That's from the premiere of Spider Man 3, I'm wearing Dior including the jewelry. I had these Jade earrings that were made in the shape of fish. And they attached to these incredible jewels. They are the most incredible earrings I've ever worn. The beauty tip from there is, get great jewels from Dior and you will feel like a million dollars. [LAUGH] This look is the Vanity Fair Oscar Party from last year and I actually did my own hair and makeup. So, the main thing I would say about that look, I used my trick, which is backing away from the mirror about 10 feet and imagining that people are looking at me from further around in the room. And then realize that it looked like I have no make up on at all. So I went right back to the mirror, and I dumped on tons more eyes. And I think it, it really improved the, the make-up that night. So that is the premiere of Invincible, I had really blonde hair at the time, and I'm wearing hair extensions. We wanted something very glamorous. The movie is for guys. I wanted the look that guys classically go for, so we went with this sexy, vampy, really blonde hair. That look is from the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The thing I hate about this look actually is that, we went with a really dark brow, and I think very few blondes can pull off the dark brow. My beauty tip that I learned from that was, you gotta stick with the lighter brow, at least I do. I look different in a lot of those photos mostly because I'm working on films when I'm hitting those red carpets and so typically, the hair that I have in those pictures just reflect the role that I'm playing at the time. Honestly if I could, I would have a more unified look all the time, but I'm happy to be working. So if they want me to have dark hair and a job, I'll do it. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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