Beauty 911: Elizabeth Banks Shares's Walk of Shame Hair and Makeup Tricks

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It happens to the best of us—you've been out all night with your friends or your guy (no judgement!) but, eventually, you need to make your way home without looking like you've slept elsewhere. Our celebrity guest editor Elizabeth Banks takes on the Walk of Shame in her latest film, and our morning-after beauty tricks can transform that walk into a strut of pride with some quick, creative DIY moves. In the spirit of the star's latest movie (in theaters and On Demand tomorrow)'s beauty editors gathered their easiest fixes to out-all-night beauty problems, so that you'll never be caught with morning-after hair, smudged mascara, or a pillow crease in your complexion again. Watch Banks hilariously break down the remedies in the video above, and read on to see exactly how to use each tip.

For Morning-After Hair:
Did you know baby powder can double as dry shampoo? Simply work a small amount into your root area to absorb oil, brush or comb it through to distribute it evenly, and give your strands a slight tousle to revive the volume. If you're really in a pinch, you can also use flour to do the same thing. If you'd prefer not to wear your hair down, you can always opt for a top knot. Just find a ponytail holder or rubber band, sweep your hair into a ponytail, wrap the length of your hair around the base of the style, and tie it off.

For Smudged Mascara:
If you know you'll be out late, opt for a waterproof formula to start. If it's too late for that, dip a cotton swab into water and use it to clean up any smudges. You can also roll a piece of tissue paper to a point if there aren't any Q-tips handy. Want to remove your eye makeup completely? A little cooking oil can do the trick—yes, really! Thanks to its ability to break down even waterproof mascaras, you can dab a little olive oil onto a paper towel, sweep over your lids, and all traces of makeup will be gone.

For Pillow Creases:
Nothing says "I've had a long night" quite like a pillow crease across your cheek, but a little water and moisturizer can go a long way in solving this dilemma. Splash warm water onto the affected area and massage the skin in a circular motion with a touch of facial lotion to fill in the line. Even if you don't have moisturizer handy, the massaging motions stimulate your skin cells and increase blood flow, which helps the crease disappear quickly.

Be sure to stay tuned to throughout the day to see what else the star has planned, and click through our gallery to check out her best beauty moments—from the early '00s to today!


[MUSIC] Okay, you've got a beauty emergency and it's due to the fact that you are having a walk of shame after a crazy night, right? That's what we're talking about right here. We're talking about Beauty 911 inspired by Walk of Shame, my new movie out May 2nd. We're in, where their beauty editors have some really great tips for survivors and stuff like, for instance, how to tame out-all-night hair when you don't have time to wash and style. This happens to me all the time. I'm a no-wash expert. I, of course, just use spit. But beauty editors told me that if a guy has baby powder in his bath. Bathroom, you can use that as dry shampoo. What? That is such a great idea. Flour also works, weirdly. Otherwise a top knot using a pony tail holder, even a rubber band if you're in a pinch, is always an option. Great tip. Okay, next I talk about, how to remove clumpy, smeared mascara with no makeup remover. Well first of all you gotta opt for the you know? No waterproof formula, so this doesn't happen to you. But if you're not using a waterproof formula it's too late for that. You know, you wanna wet a Q-tip. Again, I just go with a, just right on your tongue and just you know work it out there. And if not, if you don't have a Q-tip. I mean, cuz we don't all travel with those all. Then a rolled-up wad of toilet paper works, you know, a little corner of your shirt works, all kinds of things can work. Towels, bathroom [UNKNOWN] you know, you're in his bathroom, probably. Anyway, another option it says here is any lightweight oil you can find. Time to break into the kitchen pantry. They're very sassy at, aren't they? Close eyes and smooth some EVOO, I believe that stands for extra virgin olive oil, even though we both know that you are not an extra virgin if you're in this guy's bathroom in the middle of the night, and even the darkest mascara will dissolve. Good tip. The easiest way to remove a crease on your face from the pillow. Yeah, you don't want to leave the house with that going on. It says here, splash warm water on your face, and then massage in any moisturizer that you can find that's nearby and fill in the crease. And even if you don't have moisturizer, just the circular motion of doing it brings all the blood back and sort of like [INAUDIBLE]
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