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How to create Edward's textured style.


[MUSIC] Hi. So this is Justin. And Justin's gonna be Edward for us today, and I'm gonna show you exactly what we did to get his look on Twilight. [MUSIC] First thing you wanna start with, of course, is the wonderful Edward hair cut and he's got it it's is great, textury, wonderful haircut that when you put your base in there, which is a good mousse, you're gonna put a good mousse in there and saturate it, it's gonna make it much easier for you to get the style that you're looking for. And the next thing that you're gonna do is reach for your favorite blow dryer. It's a really pretty purple. And it's got a really narrow nozzle, so you can really direct your airflow to where you need it to be. Started. I use my hands a lot, you're gonna find that I use my hands a lot, and what I do is I go into the groove, and I get a lot of movement going so I can get that lift in there. [SOUND] And once you're done with that you're gonna reach for your iron. Now this iron I really, really like because it's very thin as you can see and so you can get close to the root of the hair. You're gonna go in and take small sections. Now I'm not really like specific about the sections of this hairdo. It's not a really specific hairdo. So just kinda good it, it's kind of fun. It's molding, it's sculpting, it's kinda great. You're going in, take a look at it. Where do you want to see a little bit of direction. You can do things with this iron that you cannot do with just the wet product and the dryer. Cuz you're gonna go in and actually change the direction of things. You're gonna change the texture of things. And just go in and grab little sections, and randomly. Have fun with it. And you see that I'm getting really close to the scalp, and pulling the iron all the way through and going the opposite direction of the hair growth, so that the hair will stand up. If you go with the direction of the hair growth, the hair will lay down, and that's not what you're looking for. In the front, what you wanna do is grab small sections, don't grab one big section. And, make sure you put some kind of direction in it. 'Cause otherwise, you're gonna get a big straight line. See that curve? Just makes it more natural. Makes it look like you didn't do a whole lot to your hair. And then where your hair joins in the back in the crown area, you don't want to leave that. [MUSIC] All this'll be puffy, and you'll have big flat section back here. So you wanna go in and just kind of join that, So now I've gone in with some pomade, and I put some pomade on the sides of his hair, and very lightly threw the rest. And I went in with a spray pomade. You can use spray gel, or anything like that. Very, very lightly, you don't want to use too much product because it'll weigh your hair down. I very lightly sprayed over his hair and then I went in and did, now okay this is Robert's move, its called the twisty spider, I named it he did it but some days he do it himself, some days he's let me do but this is the twisty spider and this is what will give you that signature Edward look. You go in your fingers and just kind of get into the root of your hair. [MUSIC] And twist your fingers around and you're gonna go in and just get that hair moving until you're there, and then suddenly there you are, you've got Edward hair. [MUSIC]
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