Drew Barrymore On Being a Working Mom: "It's a Miracle If I Get Out of My Sweatpants"


There's a reason why we're so charmed by Drew Barrymore—the star is both completely candid and lovable at the same time, and she proved that once again when we caught up with her this weekend at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

InStyle's Lifestyle Director Joanna Bober sat down with the star at the fest, where she was in town to promote her new Barrymore Wine collaboration with Jackson Family Vineyards. But grapes weren't the only thing on her mind: Barrymore dished on what life is like as a working, on-the-go mom and revealed how she has streamlined her beauty routine since having kids.

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"Now that I'm a mom there are many days that I don't wear any makeup whatsoever, and it's a miracle if I get out of my sweatpants," Barrymore says in the clip. "If I put on jeans and a button-down that's like ball gown level of dressed up for me."

Watch the video above for Drew Barrymore's full interview, where she reveals her favorite makeup trick, method to feeling effortless, and more.

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[MUSIC] I'm Drew Barrymore and I'm at the food and wine classic in Aspen. Now that I'm a mom, there are many days where I don't wear any makeup whatsoever, and it's a miracle if I get out of my sweat pants. I mean, that's the truth. If I put on like jeans and a button down, that's like ball gown level of dressy Step for me. So I just, as a mom, and a working mom, and a mom who works from home. Then sometimes leaves and goes to meetings. Putting in an effort, feels like an effort. So what can I do to make it effortless? I like makeup, but two steps. I want a great concealer, and a great lip. Can't live without beauty cosmetics It's actually my Skin Cognito from our line Flower Beauty. And it's like the American Express, I do not leave home without it. My awesome lip color that I'm wearing is Flower Beauty, and it's Sweet Peach in our lip butter [MUSIC] And I like to actually put it on my cheek as well. I like a monochromatic lip, cheek, little on the forehead, a little down the slop of the nose. You know, when you bronze you should only do it in the areas that the highest points of your face because that's where the sun actually naturally hits it. And with two things, I can transform myself. [MUSIC] And that's realistic for moms, like you want it quick and easy.
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