Drew Barrymore's InStyle Cover Archive

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The actress has been on more InStyle covers than any other star in the magazine's history.


[MUSIC]. I totally remember that day so well. I [INAUDIBLE] just remember fretting about my hair that day. I had this like, really bad haircut. I was growing my hair out. So we tried to give it a do. And it wasn't working, it wasn't working. We finally landed on that hair style. And I felt like it was right. And it was me, but it was in style. I love hair. It's like the frame of your face. It's freaky. It really changes you. I love red hair. I really do think that red hair is the sexiest. I always try to get back to red. I love that top, it's so pretty. I don't normally wear that shape. It's so pretty. And the color's so beautiful. I think that's the most me, and if my hair wasn't up in a bun right now, that's actually exactly what my hair looks like right now. [SOUND] I'm really obsessed with cropping in magazines. It's really flattering for women, and I feel like the closer you are, also on a cover, the more you can really see the person. God, I can't remember, if, if, if I wasn't pregnant there, I was about to be pregnant. [SOUND]
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