Watch: Drew Barrymore Reveals Her Favorite Red Carpet Moments 

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Well before she was old enough to obtain a license, Drew Barrymore had been killing it on the red carpet, hopping from one premiere to the next in what amounts to an endless selection of forever covetable gowns. Between shifting in and out of the fashionable looks she sported on InStyle’s November cover, the bona fide style professional happily opened up about the most unforgettable dresses she’s worn on the step-and-repeat.

As expected, her tried-and-true style philosophy is much like her endlessly friendly, relaxed personality. Barrymore explains that while it may have been controversial at the time, she loves the black Eduardo Lucero dress she adorned with a daisy for the 70th Annual Academy Awards in 1998. “I just stuck a bunch of, like, fresh daisies in my hair and I think it was sort of bazaar to people, but I liked it because it was just fun,” she says in the video above. “You can’t take it too seriously and that was where I was at in my life. I was constantly wearing daisies in my hair.”

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The beauty’s flower power days may be long gone, but she can still be found in garden-inspired creations. Another favorite of hers is the blush and sheer Monique Lhuillier dress she wore to the 2014 Golden Globes while pregnant with her second daughter, Frankie. “I loved this sort of heart-shaped, ever so girly girl, confetti nature of the dress," she says. "But the fact that it’s nude also in a lot of areas allows you to wear that much material and still remain really soft. In that moment I felt really beautiful.”

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[MUSIC] Capita dress with a rabbit shrug. I think it's the only time I've ever worn fur in my life, thanks mom. My mom would shop at this place called Bodies We Shop in Brentwood, which was weird because we lived in Hollywood. So it took a long time to get over there. But they had a lot of taffeta dresses. it is funny because I haven't seen taffeta make a comeback any time recently. That one I went to the Academy Awards and I stuck a lot of fresh daisies in my hair. And I don't know [MUSIC] I think it was sort of bizarre to people. But I liked it. It was just fun, I mean you cant take it to seriously. That was where I was at in my life. I was constantly wearing daisy's in my hair. That again I did as a look that I was [UNKNOWN] by. And i knew I wanted to do a side finger wave, and wear A nude mesh vale over my face with an ornate flower that was a big jewel. So then I tried to find a dress that complimented that sort of era. I just thought for that night for [UNKNOWN] and the movie star going to a throw back to my early 20's was really fitting for the night. That must be my favorite dress I've ever worn. [INAUDIBLE] put me in a Versace personally-made gown with these amazing bejeweled sea anemones on the shoulder and the hip. And it had a Carole Lombard Nude bodice that was pulled so tight I can't believe I could breathe, and you actually saw the bodice under the nude sequins of the dress. It was as sick as it gets and like if I was to be buried in a dress, I would like that dress to come back out and get back on and then just Go away for a while in that gown. Monique Lhuillier was kind enough to help me fit into that dress by letting it out about six feet on either side because that is six months pregnant. I loved the sort of heart-shaped, ever so girlie girl Confetti nature of the dress, but the fact that it's nude also in a lot of areas allows you to wear that much material and still remain really soft. And I'm just so proud, I'm such a proud mom in that moment. And you can see I'm holding my stomach in that picture. I'm pregnant with my second daughter Frankie, and there is As much as I count being pregnant very challenging, and I was not one of those women who felt like she glowed and was fabulous and felt like an angry whale, in that moment I felt really beautiful and I want to thank [UNKNOWN] for that moment. [MUSIC]
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