Don't Miss the Return Of Scandal Tonight! Plus, Here's an Exclusive Sneak-Peek At the Premiere


Scandal fans, the wait is finally over! The much-anticipated drama is returning to ABC tonight at 10/9c after its winter hiatus! After months of waiting, we'll finally get the answers we've been craving for ever since the finale in December: just what exactly is Mama Pope planning and why is she dressed exactly like Olivia Pope?

Expect to get those answers and the latest on Pope (Kerry Washington), First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young), President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), and the rest of the cast, but if you can't wait just mere hours, get your fix here with a quick break-down of Pope's finest fashion moments and a sneak peek of the premiere that's brimming with intrigue, blackmail, and yes, scandal. Be sure to check back here tomorrow to get your weekly recap on Scandal's fashion from tonight's episode with costume designer Lyn Paolo!

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Hey gladiators, I'm Allie Ward, I'm here to check in. Let's just hope you cope without pope until Scandal returns on February 27th, but today we're going to feast on what makes scandal's style so fiercely flawless. Plus, can't even deal, but I have a special look at the new episode. Can you handle it? So let's get started. The coats, oh. Liv's outerwear, it's more than just a jacket you guys. it's an inspiration. Hands up, who stopped wearing your uncle's old windbreakers when they started watching Scandal? Right? Just me? Okay. Live pounces up the capitol steps. She's going toward a meeting with her client and a member of Congress. But. Speaker: [MUSIC] Turns out to be a pesky bomb hostage situation. Speaker: Excuse me, woman. But even your explosive vest cannot steal the thunder of Olivia's cashmere Donna Karan coat. It's the bomb. [LAUGH] Speaker: Liv's grey and black Christian Dior [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] Too swing coat is perfect for just jumping on the presidential copter for a quick jaunt for the palatial Vermont love nest the president builds you, perfect. Then stalking across the room for a dramatic kiss with the leader from the free world. Girl, do not get [INAUDIBLE]. Or anything else. Olivia thinks she's saving her mom's life, and they have this tender moment on the tarmac. They're both wearing impeccable outer wear, with Liv. [UNKNOWN] great cashmere shoal collar coat is perfectly snuggly for hugging your long-imprisoned mother. I love you, Olivia. I mean sure, Mama Pope may have turned out to be a wrist-gnawing terrorist. However, she gave Liv an amazing sense of style. The suit, AKA gladiator armor. This Giorgio Armani blue-grey silk jacket and matching. Pants from the Fall 2013 collection. With this grey silk Victoria shell. It's the perfect gladiator hero no frills silhouette to diffuse an explosive situation. And it's the loveliest cement grey. It looks flawless when the dust settles, literally. Just all over you. The white hat's back on, metaphorically. Alongside and off white Christian Derek blazer. Literally. Now Olivia gives it to Josie straight. She gets hired on the spot. You heard my problem now go ahead and fix it. My problem is that I would get mustard on that blazer, immediately. Which is why none of us are Olivia Pope. [NOISE] Loungewear A.K.A wine and popcorn attire. Now do you remember what Liv was wearing when she sat on the floor of her bedroom, she's watching Jake newly released from the hole. He's sleeping in her bed. Do you remember this? It was a Josie Natori ivory silk top and this Neiman Marcus. Lush, shawl front cardigan. Whoo. Do you remember what Jake was wearing? It was a sheet. Just a sheet. What were we talking about? [INAUDIBLE]? I don't know. Okay. Strategy. If you're gonna drink wine, and you interrogate your dad about possibly killing your mom, you might as well wear a dove grey Donna Karen cashmere cardigan and black silk pearl pajama bottoms. Why? Because an uncomfy convo calls for comfy pants. What did you do? What happened? I barely noticed how horrible this conversation was because I am so cozy. Oh, the black and white gown. Oh my god, okay. Liv nails the bell of the Presidential ball role when she shows up to the White House Correspondents' Dinner in this. Black and white geometric Rubin Singer gown. It's almost enough to distract POTUS from the fac that she's on the arm of a heavily decorated uniformed Jake. Oh, I noticed. Which brings us to that meek peek I promised you. Okay, this is from the new episode, it hasn't even aired yet. Going toe to toe with the red queen is intimidating enough, but, public lunch? You got to go with what works here, and this signature white Prada coat, with elegant long gray gloves. Oh, swoon. Why are you doing this? Because I like it when my husband is the president. I worked very hard for it. I've done a great deal to get us here, and you. You're going to get them across the finish line but you can't do that if people know what kind of person you really are. Smile Olivia, the world is watching. Smile Olivia the world is watching. Oh, I'm watching. I know I'll be watching on Thursday, February 27th when Scandal finally returns. Seriously, you guys. Don't tell her that I went through her closet. Please? Ple. I don't want to get poked.
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