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Kim Kimble shows you how to get a dramatic new look with do-it-yourself extensions.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim Kimble, and I am the queen of hair extensions, and I'm gonna teach you how to do it yourself. The reason why hair extensions are so popular, and why celebrities love them so much, is you can enhance what you have or give yourself a completely different look. What we're gonna do is we're gonna put in a clip-in fall hair extensions in Suela's hair, to give her some volume, and give her a little bit of color. First thing you wanna do, is you want to section your hair. So, you're gonna go from your temple area with a rat tail comb, and you're gonna section all the way around, trying to get it as even as you can. I'm gonna bring it back over here to the other temple. I'm gonna flip this hair out of the way for now. Suela has clipped her hair up, and now she's ready to tease her root. Spray it, and put her hair clips in. What you wanna do is take a little bit of spritz, hair spray is gonna help create some texture. Next, do a little back combing at the base. It'll give us something for the clip-ins to stick to. So now, you wanna take this little comb section, and put it into the part that you teased, and then you wanna close it, back. You want to make sure that the hair gets into the combs. So, you want to make sure you're clipping the combs with the hair in them. So, okay, I got the piece in. So, you want to let the hair on top, down. You wanna brush your hair along with the extension. To help your weaves blend perfectly, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna to take swayla's hair and the hair extensions and curl it together so it can blend seamlessly. Your taking her hair and the hair extensions and your curling them together. If you're using human hair you can curl this with heat. But, if you have synthetic, you cannot curl it with heat. After your night out, what you want to do to take good care of your hair extensions is, you want to get a little foam mannequin head, and you want to pin your hair extensions onto the mannequin head so they are ready for your next event. We've taught you how to put your own clip-in [INAUDIBLE]. And, we transform Suela from beautiful to fabulocity. [MUSIC]
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