Designer Francisco Costa Explains Why He Joined The Fight Against AIDS

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Francisco Costa discusses this charity work with ACRIA.


[MUSIC] Hi. It's Lauren Bush Lauren and I'm here at the inStyle shoot for the Shining Stars feature. I'm the founder and CEO of Feed. Social business with the mission to create good products that help feed the world. I've had the great privilege of interviewing many shining stars who have wonderful causes, one of whom is the creative director for Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa, who cares very much about the fight in HIV AIDS and is very involved for over a decade in an organization called Acrea. When I first arrived in New York City Immediately after two months I lost two friends that had come with me from Brazil here. So it was quite dramatic, you know what I mean? [UNKNOWN], Fernando, passing away back to back. So that was so overwhelming and obviously later on being in the position that I am now. That's just a very rewarding aspect of my career and my life to be able to be a part of an organization that does such great work. I think the wonderful thing about [UNKNOWN] is actually we have moved on. We have Recognized that people with AIDS are aging and how to support them as well. The results of the work of this great organization is really that we have about 20 trials now waiting for approval from the FDA, which is just remarkable So it shows exactly how committed we are, how great this organization is, and how really behind In how dipdemic we are. I think you have to think that it's still there, and that we have to find a cure. And to protect the youth, I think they have taken for granted that some [UNKNOWN] organization like [UNKNOWN] of course, have been taken care of the whole demic, but it's not So don't give up, the fight is still on. [MUSIC]
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