Denise Richards' Bikini Photo Shoot


Make sure to check out behind the scenes and insider scoop from Denise's shoot!


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Denise Richards. I'm here in Maui Hawaii shooting In Style main issue bathing suits. [MUSIC] A lot of the bathing suits and a lot of the graphics. We've warn jewelry. So it's kind of bringing fashion to the beach or to the pool. My favorite suit is probably a pink cut out one piece cavalli that I wore. Now that I'm a mum, actually I've been going to the beach and to the pool a lot more. My girls love the water. [MUSIC] Unfortunately Hawaii's had some odd weather lately, so it's a bit windy, which has made it a little difficult for hair, but you can't beat Hawaii. The thing that's gotten me in the best shape is Pilates. So I've been doing Pilates and then you know, running around after two kids. [MUSIC]
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