David O. Russell Calls Into HSN To Speak To Joy Mangano

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"Joy" director David O. Russell calls into HSN to speak with Joy Mangano, the inspiration for his hit film.


So, let's start off with a big hello. We are headed to California, David is calling. David you are live here at HSN, meet the amazing Joy Mangano. Hi David. Hi Joy Mangano. It's David O. Russell calling. Oh come. Come on. [LAUGH] Wait a minute. Oh my God. I can't even deal. [LAUGH] Okay. For the world, you know who this man is. This is the brilliant man who got to know me better than anybody in the world and I inspired that creative brilliant mind to create this movie Joy. David, we love you and everybody loves the movie. Well, that's very sweet. It's a privilege to know you. I find you very inspiring, and I think you're inspiring a lot of people. And in fact, all through the holidays, I've been getting lots of emails about audiences Applauding, and you know, and really digging the movie. And being inspired by you. And you know, Katy Perry today, you know, was talking, went on, you know Talk to all of her fans about which didn't surprise me. That she and Lena Dunham grace the film. It's so fantastic because they love women's empowerment. They love anybody who takes a chance. Anybody who tried to make something of themselves and should do every day. But let's get down to business. I want to buy some mops. [LAUGH] I think I have a connection for you. Mr. O'Russell. Hold on. Hold on. I don't want to waste anybody's time talking about that movie. I want to talk about Bradley Cooper owned in this mop. Gloria Cooper was our unofficial consultant about [UNKNOWN] because she was a devoted watcher. In the 90s when you started out. And you took the mop into Georgetown, and Dabney's been a floor cleaner his whole life, as have I. I want the mop, I want it in whatever colors you've got, and I want to buy 13. 13 that's my lucky number. I want 13 of them. [LAUGH] I want to tell you to pick -- I want you to pick the colors for me right now. You leave that up to me. I promise I'll make it be colorful for you. Well, I just want to say How much I adore you, I honor you. The world honors you. You are going to inspire not only the women, but the men. The young boys that came out to me and said I am so excited, I feel so empowered. Everybody David, you have impacted with this movie. And Jennifer, our Jennifer, is she brilliant or what? Jennifer Lawrence is you know is just wonderful to play sort of, people who's special yet regular and they jumpstart on magical. And you know it's my privilege to work with her I felt very fortunate we told the story. We got Bradley Cooper, who you know runs QBC or in the movie like it was a circus or Of the movie studio. We've got the great Robert DeNiro. [SOUND] [UNKNOWN] So I wanna order two more things. [LAUGH] I also wanna get the [UNKNOWN], everybody loves the hangers. [LAUGH] So I mean, I would love you to give me however many hangers you pick, but I also want one of the hair dryers cuz I know one person who needs a hair dryer. [LAUGH] And that hair dryer looks very cool. But I also know my favorite thing is the folding And into folding, what you call the beauty kit, but I use it for my kids' crayons and other things. Right. And I also use it for my own toiletries, so if you have them in solid colors, [UNKNOWN] I thought it was limited, but if you don't have it I'll take whatever you got. I promise you, so everybody's gonna see. See you at the Golden Globes.>> [LAUGH] Oh yeah. I promise I will hook you up with a better beauty case, a hairdryer and mops, but you can't bring them to the Golden Globes. So well we. [LAUGH] .>> [LAUGH] I'm going to give everybody I know and love the mop, but I'm also gonna, I want to give those. The toiletry chest at wherever it needs you. [LAUGH] Well you know I. I swear to God you know my entire family uses them. And I always try explaining to people like fold up paper to show them come on guys try to figure out how to Double helix mop. It's like that's what's fascinating. Out of the work, it's sort of looks like beautiful. It's like a beautiful design. Anyway, I'm sending you my love and Happy New Year and thank you for giving us your story, Joy [UNKNOWN]. Oh, and thank you David, for making an Classic, classic movie Absolutely. that people will love forever and ever. We love you. That's true. Thank you for everything and Happy New Year to you. David, thank you. Aw. [UNKNOWN] Go get em, go get em. Bye. See you guys soon. Making history!
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