'The Daily Show' Correspondents Bid Jon Stewart Adieu

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Forty-five correspondents from years past stopped by 'The Daily Show' Thursday night to bid Jon Steward adieu after his 16 years on the show.


Jon Stewart signed off for the last time Thursday night after 16 hilarious and memorable years on the Daily Show. But there was no way his merry cast of correspondents was going to let him leave quietly. 45 of Jon's close Closest pals stopped in to bid him adieu. And while all of them had us in stitches, here are our favorite correspondent moments of the night. The gang was supposed to be covering the GOP debate, and Jon was tasked with assigning each correspondent a candidate. Lewis Black was not happy with his assignment. Lewis Black, Chris Christie. Oh, I get it. Lewis, you're an angry [BLEEP], cover Christie! [LAUGH] You disgust me! Kristen Schaal was unhappy about something, or someone, other than her assignment. Oh Jon, you're still here? Yeah. I thought Trevor had started by now. [LAUGH] What? I said we'll miss you! And Larry Wilmore reminded us all what's important. Thought I'd stop by cuz I got nothing else to do tonight. Nightly Show got bumped. Sorry about that Larry. Black shows matter, Jon. We were admittedly a bit surprised to see Wyatt Cenac stop by. In July, Cenac described a particularly explosive confrontation between Jon and Him. He had done something on the show where he had done an impression of Herman Cain. He was like all my impressions are racist. Gotta be honest, when I heard it, it bothered me. So I raised a concern. He got upset and he stood up and was just like [BLEEP] off. I'm done with you. So seeing the two had reconciled their differences, at least For Jon's final goodbye was a feel-good moment for those who closely followed the show and its cast. Honorable mentions go to Jon's Senior Evil Correspondent, who said he was upset that Jon had compared him to **** Cheney. Olivia Munn who thought it was Jon's 70th birthday, and the CEO of Arby's. Who clearly can't get enough of the funnyman. A meal that's a dare for your colon. Tastes like if a stomach could get punched in the balls. All right, fine, Arby's. [LAUGH] Thank you for being a friend. Jon voyage, Jon.
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