Cyber Monday Breaks Records as Shoppers Flock to Their Smartphones

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This year's Cyber Monday is expected to break records with nearly $3 billion. But it could have been a lot more.


This year's cyber Monday is projected to beat records as more Americans are shopping from the comfort of their homes in addition to battling the Black Friday masses. Digital firm Adobe tracked the number of online sales on Monday and they expect that 2015 cyber Monday totals will be up 12% from last year. Shoppers are Expected to shell out nearly $3 billion. But it could have been a lot more. Adobe reports online shoppers received the dreaded this item is no longer in stock message for a 13 out of every 100 items. And some retailers websites couldn't keep up with the web traffic. Shoppers had a hard time reaching Target, Victoria's Secret, and the Neiman Marcus' websites to name a few because their servers couldn't handle the number of visitors. And that could be because shoppers are accessing websites in more ways than ever before. Cyber Monday was more like mobile Monday this year with reporting 70% of it's, Traffic came from smart phones and tablets. But it wasn't just cyber Monday that got people to shell out the big bucks. [UNKNOWN] reported that over Thanksgiving weekend that shoppers spent $11 billion, up 15% from last year.
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