Curly to Straight


Oscar Blandi shows you how to blowdry your curls for a sleek, straight look.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Oscar Blandi. I welcome you into my Madison Avenue salon in New York City. Today I'm gonna teach you how to restyle your hair from curl to straight with an easy few steps. [MUSIC] We're gonna start the first three things. Most important what I do, I split the section in two parts. Once I split the section in two parts, I take a section from the eyebrows to eyebrows, all the way in the back of the crown. Secure with the big clips. So, now you still have this section just to blow dry. So, split the section in two. You always want to moisturize your hair. I use my Jasmine Protein Mist. You don't want to use water. When you use water, your hair gets dry, it gets frizzy very quickly, it gets static, and you have no control of your flyaway. The back part is always the hardest part you have to do, I think. Here's the easy way. Take the product, spritz it right on the brush. Once the product's been distributed, you can start to actually blow-dry. She will make sure that the section that she's gonna take is not bigger than a brush. But if I take a bigger section, that's when your hair starts to get tangles in the brush, you pull it and that leads to breakage. And you're ready. The nozzle should be always face down so we're closer to the cuticles of your hair. Do a couple of times until you feel that your set is completely dry. Start from the bottom, all the way up. Most important, no pressure. If you dry slow, let the heat, let the moisture be absorbed and dry, your hair will look shiny all the time. What you want to do at the end is to have look last a little bit longer. I use in this case my product, it's Jasmine Oil. It's a silicon base. If you have any other type of a silicon make it sure it's not heavy for your hair. Take a tiny a little bit and let it travel between the finger, you using your finger like [INAUDIBLE]. Don't let the product disperse all over the palm. Once the product's being distributed, you tilt your head and start from the ends. Just to climb up, just like you wanna gently brush your hair. You go in back and then you move on the opposite side. This product, what it does will also control your flyaway. Will fight the frizz. Will make your hair extremely shine. There we go. A lot of the time, you pay top dollars to have this look. This is something that you can do by yourself and again, feel you just came out from the professional salon.
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