Cringe Alert! See Elizabeth Banks Retell One InStyle Reader's Most-Embarrassing Style Moment

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Elizabeth Banks has been sharing hilarious stories on our site all day, and this time our celebrity guest editor is getting extra-personal! Inspired by her upcoming movie Walk of Shame (in theaters and On Demand tomorrow) we asked our readers to submit their most embarrassing style stories for Banks to read on camera.

Who won? Wyndser Peterson's submission caught Banks' attention, hands down. In her story, Peterson confesses to many a mascara mishap, from repurposing a shimmery shadow as blush, to using a DIY eyeliner formula consisting of Vaseline and glitter. "Glitter with Vaseline and bronzer all in this entire area, but not for contouring?" Banks says. "Good for you for owning up to it! Good for you for realizing—it takes a big person to look in the mirror and go 'Not today. No more.'" That it does! Click the play button above to see Banks' hysterical reading of the story, and stay tuned to to see what else the star has planned for her day as guest editor.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Elizabeth Banks, here on, where they have asked you to submit your most embarrassing moments, inspired by Walk of Shame. My mov-, my [UNKNOWN]. Little movie that's coming out May second on demand, please check it out. And we've picked some of the funniest or most interesting most embarrassing moments and I'm gonna read about some of them right here. Wyndser Peterson. Wyndser. W-y-n-d-s-e-r. Very fancy name, Wyndser Peterson. I used to wear full-on shimmery bronze eyeshadow for blush. I've done this before. I know what you're talking about. I wasn't trying to contour or anything. This is, this like a very specific makeup related story. And I used the same product for my eyes, but I put it up to my brows. For my eyeliner, I mixed vaseline with straight-up glitter. Every day. When I put on mascara, I piled so much on, I only had three long eyelashes. And when I put on foundation, it was a shade or two darker than my body. This sounds like a hot mess of a face. [LAUGH] Wow. Windsor. And I'll be totally honest, I thought you were a dude and hopefully you are. Because that would not be attractive on a lady. Glitter with vaseline and bronzer all in this entire area. But not for contour, yeah this is a big, this is a big hot mess on your face. Good for you for owning up to it. Good for you for realizing. That's I, it takes a big person. [MUSIC] To look in the mirror and go, no, not today, no more.
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