At the Cover Shoot With Taylor Swift


Go behind the scenes with our November cover girl, Taylor Swift.


[MUSIC] Hey I'm Taylor Swift and this is my In Style Cover shoot. [MUSIC] When I go to a photo shoot and I get to wear couture gowns that are right off the runway, just these insane works of art. It's such a treat, you know? In my daily life I always try to go for like a classic, vintagey look, but it's not couture, you know? [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] It's just incredible to see how much effort is put into these designer clothes and getting to wear them is, an honor actually. So I really like these clothes she gave. I don't necessarily remember the first time that I wore red lipstick, but I know that in the last couple of years it's become my comfort zone, just because I think that it's an easy way to make an outfit or a look pop. Sometimes I'll just completely put nothing on my face, except for red lipstick, it somehow looks like you have makeup on. It kinda take me back to a more elegant time. It kinda transports me back to 50s and to 60s and and I kinda like that feeling. [MUSIC]
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