At the Cover Shoot With Gwyneth Paltrow

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Go behind the scenes of our October cover.


[MUSIC] I am inherently a risk taker, you know starting GOOP was A risk. Because also, I didn't expect when it first came out for it to have so much scrutiny. And people questioning so much why I was doing it. Also, kind of quitting acting for 3 years to have kids, and not really thinking about my career in that way. And just thinking, I wanna have kids I wanna be home with them. And, I've changed my movie career a lot since I've had children. I think some people, they don't understand the choice that I've made. I guess it can be seen as a risk because, you know I don't have the same movie career as I used to have where I star in a movie three times a year. I haven't even starred in a movie since I've had a, my kids so, I just look for interesting kind of supporting. Biggish supporting parts, and try to do one a year and, and that's my limit. So I don't know. I think, I think I definitely do think my own way and. That's just the way I am. A lot of exercise, I do Tracy Anderson. She just kind of upped my program a little bit to get ready for it, because, I have to be like lean and have muscle and everything so. She's been pregnant, but designing these really difficult programs for me to do. Wow, she's like not execising. She's taking it out on me, but it's good. The results are gonna be really good and, Iron Man 3 here I come. I come up with ideas for content mainly The things that I'm curious about and then I want to know about, and then we researched them. And I think I'm actually a very curious person, and I always want to know what's coming around the corner. What new hotels there are, food, travel stuff. You know even things that I always wanted to know like how to make a bed properly in a hotel, or you know, I think well maybe someone else wants to know that about this too, and so It's fun. [MUSIC]
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