At the Cover Shoot with Emmy Rossum

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Get step-by-step tips to create our cover girl's braided hairstyle.


[MUSIC] [NOISE] What we're gonna do is start with a really nice smooth blowout, that way you're determining the texture rather than the hair determining the texture for you. Just take a section down the center back of your head there. Split it side to side. Generally easier to work off a center part through the back area. You take the first section diagonally, classic three strand braid. Nothing fancy. Okay. If you find your hair is a little slippery, try a little bit of hair spray, through and on your hands a little bit of hair spray. And it'll just stop those first sections slipping and coming undone. That's the most important one. Once that's locked and held. That first section there, the rest of the braid should go in very very easily. Don't be scared if they're uneven. Don't worry about it too much. I think when you're doing this, it'd be good if you have like a little mirror behind you. Right. Or a little handheld so you can watch yourself as you're going. So you can see it before you get the feeling of it. Mmhm. So at this point, we're not braiding into the head. We're just literally lifting off the head here, making your life easy. We're just using, a little non-slip elastic here, fasten the end. Now the question is to tuck, or to untuck. Exactly. [CROSSTALK] The Dumbo look. [INAUDIBLE] my specialty. I always think a little tuck. [INAUDIBLE] tuck. Tuck is pretty. [LAUGH] Dropping too much on the eyebrow here, we just give it a little lift there. Then you take the bobby pin, don't push it down, cuz it's gonna slide out. What you wanna do is you wanna put the bobby pin in, and you wanna push it against the grain of the hair. So back of the [INAUDIBLE] Exactly. [MUSIC] Run off the forehead and into the hairline. This is the part that's giveaway. This is what makes it look professional. And I think the thing to do is just run a little brush over the surfaces. Can you see all the little loose hairs that come out. Ya know, if it's too clean it's gonna end up looking a little too bridal. I think the thing to do is not be too, too precious about it. Don't try and get it exactly right the first time. Try different shapes. If you feel like too much forehead's showing, bring the braid down a little lower. In Emmy's case, you know, it came very easy on the forehead. We can kind of sit right on the hairline there. I have an easy forehead. [MUSIC] Alright. From catwalk to in style, let's go and take your picture.
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