Guess How Much Your Favorite Movie Weddings Cost


No doubt Carrie Bradshaw's heart broke when Mr. Big stood her up on their big day in Sex and the City: The Movie, but the hefty price tag of the wasted wedding might've brought on a few tears, too. Afterall the fashionista's Vivienne Westwood gown cost $24,000 alone. And while Carrie and Big's main event definitely takes the financial cake, other favorite movie weddings follow close behind. 

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There's a reason it's called My Big Fat Greek Wedding—it's not just referring to the amount of relatives in the Portokalos familyand the final ceremony in the Bridesmaids adds up to much more than Lillian's (played by Maya Rudolph) dad would probably like. So, for anytime you've ever wondered how much a box office movie really costs, watch the full video above to get the full breakdowns. We even adjusted for inflation. 


Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO. Audiences have followed some of their favorite characters down the aisle. But how much would it actually cost to throw their legendary weddings? In 1997, Robby Hart fell in love with a waitress in The Wedding Singer. With help from Billy Idol, he saves her from her upcoming fate of becoming Julie Aguilar. They're very 80s happily ever after wedding was held at the Huntington Library in Gardens. It would've cost approximately over $7,700. Julian Potters said a Little Prayer for You in My Bestfriend's Wedding. After she confesses her love for Michael, she realized that his fiance, Kimmy, is truly the right girl for him. Maybe there won't be a marriage, but by God, there will be dancing and George saving the day at an almost $50,000 wedding. Toula soon to be husband, may not eat meat. But that didn't stop them from having an all-out wedding bash in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She married Ian Miller in Chicago church with the reception at Aphrodite's Palace. The entire Portokalos family was an attendant and made time and not cost them more than $180,000. At that price, you could buy nearly 60,000 bottles of Windex Even though Mr. Big got cold feet, Carrie Bradshaw may have done the most expensive wedding in Sex And The City the movie. Her stunning Vivienne Westwood dress alone cost about $24,000. In total the couple spent almost $230,000 on the event at the New York Public Library. The cost of hitting Mr. Bi with a bouquet of flowers? Priceless Bridesmaids follows Annie Walker as she attempts to be the best maid of honor ever in her BFF's wedding, with a grand lady tutu dress and lots of golden retriever puppies. The total cost for the Ivorian wedding would cost around a $109,000 in 2011. [SOUND] Coinage, life well spent. Presented by Geico.
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