Complexion Rehab


Too many late nights? Winter wreaking havoc on your skin? Or just need a quick complexion boost? Our makeup master Hank shows you how to revive your look enhance your natural beauty in just a few easy steps.


[MUSIC]. Here we are at Smashbox Studios. Basically what we're gonna do, is we're gonna show you how to rehab your complexion. Complexion rehab isn't for supermodels like Sami. It's for mothers. It's for, for everyday woman. It's for myself. This is for anybody. Anybody who wakes up in the morning and just feels dull, and tired, and just worn out. So we're starting of with Photo Finish Primer Light. Photo Finish Primer Light is great because it's a very light texture. It's not going to feel heavy on skin but it's going to do everything that the original does. So it's gonna fill in lines and pores and it's gonna create a really, really smooth surface. So you'll see I'm gonna start in the center of her face and just blend out. And the great thing about photofinish light is, is that it is 60% water so it absorbs into your skin. So when you're feeling kinda dull and you need that rehab, it's a nice kinda rush of hydration into the skin. So now that we've applied photofinish primer and light, we're gonna do a really cool trick. It is adding illuminizing product, or artificial lights to our high definition foundation. The reason I'm using high def is, is because to rehab your skin I really wanna just give her a sheer application and not look like she's wearing a very heavy foundation. So I'm using brush number 13 and we dib one pump, artificial light one pump hi-def. Starting in the centre of the face and then blending out. Women like to apply foundation on their face like a moisturizer, apply it all over and then try to blend. Well the problem is foundation has dry down time. Dry down time means that your foundation's going to start drying in spots and you won't have time to blend. So you work from one side of the face in small sheer motions, cover discoloration and then move again to the next side of the face. Complete this side and then move to the other areas of concern. Now I want to go in and perfect under eye darkness, and give her that really brightness around her eyes. Through the centre of her t-zone. So, I sort of have an insider trick here. I'm taking Photo Op, which is one of my favourite products. It's a Smashbox cult product. People are obsessed, with this product. And I'm going to go ahead and go right underneath her eye. Start in the inner corner like this. You see, and this product's very luminous as well. The great thing about Photo Op is is it's a peach undertone so anybody can wear it. Any skin tone, because peach counteracts blue. And that's what you're looking to do when you're trying to conceal darkness under the eyes. I like to do a nice little C-section right here, and then on the outer corner of the eye. And I love using our number four concealer brush and just blending down, blending up into the lash line, and just moving it out into the T-zone to give her that great luminosity. [MUSIC] Now I have another little studio insider tip, and that is to take a little bit of Photo Op, and I'm gonna dust a little bit of Photo Op on her eyelids on both sides. And I'm gonna take our number four brush and just blend it over. And starting on the lid. This will give her a nice bright effect on her eye, and blend up to the brow bone, and just really, really open her eyes up. Give her that really luminous glow. So the next step, I'm taking our number three brush, and I'm using our Sand shadow which is actually a sun bleached beige shadow, which is a shadow that anybody can wear to brighten their. The trick is to go in with the shadow, pack it on the lid, and then what I love to do is take the number three brush and drag it under the lash line to set concealer and just give her that extra brightening. I always make sure I take my brush, move it and pack it right into the inner corner of the eye. That's the area where most women harbor a lot of darkness and never get to conceal. And then I take our number three brush, come underneath the lash line, really get it in close to the lash all the way to the outer point of the eye. Because this shadow is so, so soft in texture, it's not gonna emphasize lines, it's not too much shimmer, there's no sparkle. It's a very satiny finish. Finish, so you're gonna get that really, really radiant glow. So you see we've evened her skin tone out completely. Gave her some brightness. I don't want her to walk out the door with nothing on. So I'm gonna go in with a little bit of blush. This product O Glow is such a quick fix. It's basically fingertip application goes on very clear. As you see I have a little bit on my finger right here. Going to start in the center of the cheek, blend in circular motions. L glow is intuitive, so it creates your own natural flush, so you don't have to worry about picking a pink blush, or a peach blush or a bronze blush. This just creates a natural flush, and that is why it is so easy to use and takes two seconds to apply. So here's a really cool secret, taking Photo Op, brushing it on the lip, almost like a lipstick and blending it out over the lip line, because it really creates the illusion of a fuller lip. So, if you see, it's gonna look really kind of heavy and opaque. I'm gonna take my finger and I'm gonna pat it down so it blends over into the lip line, and it gives that beautiful sheen to the lip. Photo Op has a light, reflective property to it, so if I'm gonna put it over her lip and over her lip line, it's gonna make her lips look fuller. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take our lip enhancing gloss in afterglow which is one of my favourites, because it looks so bright but it's the most gorgeous sheer apricot, peachy finish. And I'm just going to apply over the Photo Op and give her a really, really, really high shine. Rehabbed skin, I'm telling you, is not about applying a lot of makeup, it's actually making it look like you're wearing less, that you just have a natural, beautiful flesh, and that it was effortless, and that it took five minutes to do. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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