Come Along to Shop for Diamonds in Beverly Hills


Go behind the scenes with fashion director Hal Rubenstein as he selects 25 million dollars' worth of diamonds.


[MUSIC] This is like the best kind of shopping because it's all about diamonds. I will pull roughly $25 million worth of diamonds to do this benefit that we do. And we will pair these $25 million worth the diamonds with some of our favorite gowns of the seasons. Because the clothes so formal, we are gonna go big. Damn. I told you they are [LAUGH] big. Are you allowed to say, damn on Cuz, damn. Look at those. Look at the way it moves. That's the whole thing. To show up this jewelry, the dress would probably be strapless or the dress will be a really strong solid color. In the fashion show, the natural tendency of course, is to look at the clothes. But this is one unique show in the sense. We really want the jewelry to be the star. I am obsessed over this necklace, we see here, and I've gotten turned down for three years and this year I'm getting it and I couldn't be happier. It's so weird to see diamond briolettes. You see 300 of them fashioned into one necklace and nobody does in the way Tiffany does. You don't want a, a huge dress that's gonna overwhelm this. You need space. [SOUND]. [UNKNOWN] is all about the splendor and the mystery in the end. His pieces are so singular and, and so unique. You're not gonna walk into a party and see anybody else wearing anything like this. [MUSIC]. The new collection is Atlantid, which is Atlantis. And so basically almost everything you, everything you will see will have a water theme to it. This incredible bracelet is a series of angel fish. With this, I probably would do something really small. For all of you scuba diving fans, I'll show you a kind of anemone you'll never see underwater. That. And necklace, and you see the angel fish bracelet, that goes with it, and finally the third piece, kind of a bit of like a surf and a tide ring that goes with it. [MUSIC] What I love about Bvlgari is there's a boldness to Bvlgari jewelry. Look at the necklace, and there's just a real powerful geometry. This is a smokey brown diamond, 47.8 carats. Wow. So, amazing. I don't necessarily do believe that less is more. Sometimes more is an awful lot of fun. [MUSIC]
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