Video: Colbie Caillat Thinks Having Bangs Takes Too Much Work

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Bangs can be a beyotch sometimes (as anyone who has ever had the style knows), and Musician Colbie Caillat couldn't agree more. "I don't know how people keep up with bangs," the "Try" singer told InStyle when she stopped by our offices to play us tracks from her new album Gypsy Heart ($11.99, "They're a lot more work than I'm used to!" Watch the video above to find out just how much the new fringe has changed her life and to learn more about her performance style.

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[MUSIC] When I go on stage, I need to be comfortable. It's always a battle of, like, okay, I know that one looks better, but I'm gonna walk, like, so ridiculous. I need the shoes to be low and comfortable. And I like to wear clothes that are somewhat revealing, but to wear you don't feel so vulnerable. And uncomfortable. Bangs are difficult. I have a hard time with them every day, cuz they take a lot of work. Like my, the hair I always had, you just, I could just put it in a ponytail and I could leave or I could shower and it just dries naturally and great. These bangs are a lot of work and you have to like brush them out and blow dry them everyday and if I don't. I've, I think I've tweeted some pictures. They just like, they stick up and they do their own thing. So I don't know how people keep up, they, they're a lot more work than I'm used to. I am growing them out right now. Like, I feel like a shaggy dog, like I can't fully see. So soon they're just going to start going back, putting it back
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