From Coachella to Co-Ed Runway Shows, Here Are the 5 Fashion News Moments You Need to Know

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It may be Monday, but we're still thinking about the top fashion stories from last week. InStyle's Fashion News Director Eric Wilson and Style Correspondent Dana Avidan Cohn broke down the most memorable stories that you need to know in our new video series, InStyle-Five.

In the clip, the knowledgeable duo discuss everything from Jason Wu's incredible wedding and Anthony Vaccarello's appointment as the Creative Director at Saint Laurent to Coachella. Watch the video above to hear their thoughts on all of the major fashion moments you may have missed—and be sure to tune in later in the week for another installment.

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[MUSIC] Welcome to the InStyle 05, I'm Eric Wilson. And I'm [UNKNOWN] and here's what's in this week. [NOISE] Anthony [UNKNOWN] has replaced Eddie [UNKNOWN] as the new creative director for [UNKNOWN] Eric, what do you make of the drama, surrounding this switch? Well you have to remember that, controversy has always been a hallmark of the house of Saleron. But none of us really wanted to see Eddie leave so quickly after four years. Still I think, Anthony's a pretty smart choice to go with, because he's young, he's ambitious, and based on his previous work, we know that he knows his way around a provocatively, bare dress. [BLANK_AUDIO] Speaking of bare, Eric who was your best dressed pick for the MTV Movie Awards? Well since that was a red carpet that was all about little black dressed that happen to be see through, I would go with Charlize Theron in Alexander McQueen, at least by a top knot What about you?>>I have to agree Charlize is so stunning. I did actually love [UNKNOWN] in that long line jumpsuit. I thought it was really fitting for the playfulness of that kind of event.>>And super sleek>>Yeah.>>Diana did you hear the fashion shows were starting to go co-ed? I did hear something about that but who's committed so far? Gucci and Public School both said this week they are going to combine their women's and men's collections onto a single runway, showing both together at the same time. It's really unusual when you look at the history of shows. I mean it makes a lot of sense for this moment because everybody's experiencing these shows anyway through social media and through live stream. You want to sort of condense the whole process. Exactly and a bigger audience means a bigger splash. And it's a lot easier for the editors attending the show. Exactly, and the designers too. Congratulations are in order for Jason Wu who married his long time partner Gustavo Rangle in Tulum last weekend. That was quite the Instagram Following from that wedding. I felt like I was there. That had to be the most social media savvy group of guests I've ever seen. They were posting pictures of everything from the wedding cake to Diane Kruger giving a toast, to all the boys ending up in the pool at the end of the night. I mean you don't even need a wedding photographer anymore, now that you have Instagram. Exactly. [LAUGH] [SOUND] And finally, Coachella begins today. What are you looking forward to? You mean besides the reunion of Guns N' Roses? [LAUGH] That's not exactly a fashion moment. [LAUGH] I'm talking more about those trends that really bubble up from these music festivals like Crochet sweaters, lots of fringe, those really short jean shorts. Right. All of that goes to the runway now. And this year I think we're gonna have a lot of exciting moments because there's some major females performing. Like Ellie Goulding, Sia, and Grimes who happens to be in the new Stella McCartney Fragrance ads. I'm really excited to see what everyone wears. I have to dust off my flower crown. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Thanks for watching. And tune in next week where we discuss all the best looks from this year's festival. [MUSIC]
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