This Organizing Hacks Video Has Over 350 Million Views


The internet is freaking out over the most watched video on Facebook right now and you’ll never guess what it is. It’s not another celebrity hiding from paparazzi or a silly cat who thinks she’s a dog—it’s a life hack video from Blossom, teaching us how to declutter our everyday messes.

“Get clever with your clutter… and these 7 organization hacks!” has 11.4 million shares and 365 million views and counting. From doubling up your hangers with a soda can tab, to creating colorful organizers for your socks, to creating a DIY underwear dispenser, this video has answers to seven of our daily struggles with quick, easy, and one-of-a-kind organizational solutions. 

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Check out the video above for some innovative ways to declutter your home. 


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