Closet Confidential: What to Wear to Work in the Summer

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Summer conjures up memories of relaxed vacations, shoreside excursions, and whirlwind getaways. If only that was the case, always. Reality check: We still have to work over the summer. At least InStyle Fashion Director Melissa Rubini has given us fresh office-friendly outfit ideas to make the whole thing fashionably bearable. 

"Nothing is worse than wearing something really tight when it's super hot outside," Rubini says. On that note, she turned to 1970s Meryl Streep in Manhattan as her style muse, who wore an relaxed tunic over a sweeping skirt. 

The goal here is to achieve a super relaxed aesthetic with clean lines and modern, architectural shapes. What that looks like: An easy printed shirtdress that can be taken to the office with a structured bag and a polished chain-strap bag, or a summery take on suiting with a tailored vest and roomy wide-leg pants. And finally, soften a black-and-white look with a fluid shapes and fun, personality-packed extras. Watch the Closet Confidential video, above, and shop the Canvas by Lands' End look here: Tank top, $50; Pleated skirt, $110;


[MUSIC] Okay, summer stripes. It is something super normal, super easy, you probably have in your wardrobe. I'm giving you a few new ideas on how to pair that. [MUSIC] You usually wouldn't pair it with a pleated long skirt, but it just works, it's fun. You know, it adds movement to your look. It's almost a mix of French Riviera where you have the stripes, think about those vintage umbrellas, you know the white and Yellow ones, they're super fun so it's bringing that summer feeling to your wardrobe. When I look at these [UNKNOWN], it makes me feel like I'm ready for summer. I'm ready to have fun. [MUSIC]
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