Closet Confidential: Watch Us Style Summer Stripes 3 Ways


In our latest installment of Closet Confidential, InStyle Fashion Director Melissa Rubini gives us a few new ideas on how to style the seasonal staple of summer stripes. Rubini took inspiration from vintage pictures of the French Riviera for a decidely old-meets-new feel. 

To master the look, first try a rainbow-colored stripe base with tailored separates for a cool new way to do suiting, or give a dressy tunic and pleated skirt sporty appeal with clean white sneakers. Another idea? Mix different colored striped pieces by choosing items with similar scale. Watch the video above to see three new ways to wear summer stripes, all styled by Rubini herself.

Shop the Lands' End looks, below:

Sleeveless stripe tunic sweater, $110; Pleated skirt, $110;


[MUSIC] Okay, summer stripes. It is something super normal, super easy, you probably have in your wardrobe. I'm giving you a few new ideas on how to pair that. [MUSIC] You usually wouldn't pair it with a pleated long skirt, but it just works, it's fun. You know, it adds movement to your look. It's almost a mix of French Riviera where you have the stripes, think about those vintage umbrellas, you know the white and Yellow ones, they're super fun so it's bringing that summer feeling to your wardrobe. When I look at these [UNKNOWN], it makes me feel like I'm ready for summer. I'm ready to have fun. [MUSIC]
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