Closet Confidential: Watch Us Style Spring Florals 3 Ways


If seasons were each designated a print, spring would, hands down, get florals. And despite being complete color- and print-phobes, we can't help but get swept up by springtime blooms (we mean, all the cool girls are wearing 'em).

"I'm someone who wears black every day, but still falls for florals," confesses InStyle Fashion Director Melissa Rubini. "On the weekend, or if you're going to have brunch, or it's Mother's Day, there's something magical about the floral dress—it's so light and feminine."

Now the only thing left that needs to be addressed is exactly how to get the look. Finish a long maxidress with a wide-brim straw hat, pink shades, and a white cross-body, or go for a short number, complete with shades, a tasseled purse, and ankle-strap pumps. Another option: Tuck a fun floral top into a pleated skirt for an easy, yet chic ensemble. Watch the video above to see three ways to wear spring-happy floral looks, styled by Rubini herself.


[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] I am someone that use black colors everyday but I'd still fall for a floral. You know in the weekends or you're going to have brunch or it's Mother's Day, there's something nice to go about a floral dress so I It's feminine. Just that happy light summer feeling. [MUSIC]
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