Closet Confidential: How to Up Your Skirt Game

Closet Confidential

Even though a black pencil skirt will never go out of style (see: the list of all the items you should never discard for that reason), it can also be boring. That's why InStyle's own Stephanie Araujo and Callie Turner have addressed all the ways you can up your skirt game. In the latest installment of our Closet Confidential series, they discuss chic alternatives to your black pencil, like a pleated corduroy midi (a fresh, very adult take on a childhood fabric), a cherry-red suede skirt (the perfect length, so it's not too much of one color), and a wrap skirt in menswear checks (a statement piece that can be worn with something as simple as a white shirt). Watch the video, above, for their tips and styling ideas. 


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Callie Hi, I'm Stephanie. We're from the In Style fashion department and here today to talk about an alternative to your classic black pencil skirt. Look for texture. this is a really pretty, pleated, corduroy skirt. Great for fall and super easy. I though corduroy might feel a little bit dated or childish but I love the way this skirt feels very fresh and modern. I love how it's still very feminine with the pleating. I could love to wear that with a sleeveless turtleneck. I think it's So chic, with either a boot that goes over the knee or just right on the knee. This other play on texture is suede. I love a suede or leather skirt. Since it's not full-length, it's not too much of one color or a fabric. I love the lap effect. I really like print [MUSIC] Here is this really pretty Escada plaid skirt. I love the wrap effect here. Since there is this detail though on the skirt. I think I would just limit my options to a really pretty white blouse. And it looks like you put more effort into your outfit than if you were to wear a simple, black pencil skirt. But it takes just the same amount of time. Exactly. [MUSIC] That's everything that you need to know when you're shopping around for an alternative to your classic black pencil skirt. Tune in next time, where we'll show you our favorite Fashion Closet picks. [MUSIC]
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