Closet Confidential: How To Upgrade Your Airport Style

Closet Confidential

Close your eyes, and try to remember the last flight you took. Were you wearing old sweatpants? A giant hoodie? Full-on (gasp) pajamas? InStyle fashion assistants Callie Turner and Stephanie Araujo are here to put an end to that nonsense. In today’s edition of Closet Confidential, they show us how to stay chic and comfortable at the airport—watch the video above for their fail proof formula!


[MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Hi, I'm Callie. Hi, I'm Stephanie. Stephanie. We're with the In Style fashion department and want to talk about a few ways to upgrade your airport style. We're seeing so many celebrities turning airport style into the new street style. Yes. I think it's important to update your look with a few pieces without sacrificing comfort. Absolutely. I really love this track pant. It's silk, with an elastic band. Cropped at the ankle. And an easy alternative to your sweat pant. And all we all know, layers. Are key. And a great alternative to your college sweatshirt would be a leather jacket. It gives you a more polished look and is still comfortable enough to wear through a long flight. It works really well with a track pant. Layer anything underneath this, I would say. A turtleneck, a graphic T-shirt. I would go with a white sneaker, personally. Totally. A white sneaker will lend to everything. It will tie your whole look together, and of course, with keeping comfort in mind. And those are a few ideas you can use to upgrade your airport style. Tune in next time where we'll show you more of our favorite fashion closet picks. [MUSIC]
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