Closet Confidential: How to Refresh Your Denim Wardrobe

Closet Confidential

We mastered monochromatism last week. This week? We're tackling new ways to wear denim—an oldie, but always, always a goodie. Watch Callie Turner and Stephanie Araujo, InStyle's fashion department reps, as they walk us through their favorite emerging trends in denim. To start, a mid-length A-line skirt. "It's elegant and elevated for the office with a button-down," Turner says. "For a night out, throw it on with a tank." 

From the stamped denim look to the '90s-inspired silhouette (a new take on the girlfriend jean—high-waist that hits just above the ankle), watch the video, above, on how to refresh your denim wardrobe.


[MUSIC] Hi everyone, I'm Callie. And I'm Stephanie. And we are here from the fashion department at InStyle magazine to talk about our favorite emerging trends. Today we are gonna give you some tips. On how to refresh your denim wardrobe. One great way is to incorporate denim in a mid length A line skirt. It's elegant and elevated, maybe for the office you do something like a button up and a sill, and then going Out for the night you could throw it on with a tank. I am really loving the stamped denim trend. Like Callie said, dress it up, dress it down. And I do love that you're taking a trend from the runway and making it more accessible in your every day life. Just overall very wearable and not overly trendy. Another trend that I love is the retake on the girlfriend jean. It hits just above the ankle, so it still has a clean cut. Very effortless, throw it on with a t-shirt and a leather jacket, a great pair of sneakers or flats. I also love how they seem to sit a little high. Yes, which is universally flattering. And the 90's are coming back, so. It's true. [MUSIC] So that's everything you need to know about refreshing your denim wardrobe. Tune in next time for our favorite fashion picks. [MUSIC]
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