The Climb: Style Expert & TV Personality Jeannie Mai on Tools to Build Your Brand


Jeannie discusses how to use your strengths to build a brand.


[MUSIC] For girls out there who want to do what I'm doing, meaning celebrate empowerment on television, I would say, first of all you've gotta know yourself. What's your brand? [MUSIC] Don't think about anybody else out there. There's no competition, because there's only one you. There's seven billion human beings out there, and there's only one of you. No twin, no sister could ever duplicate the way that you see things, the way that you think, the way that you feel. So, know right there that you've already won. Cuz you're the only in your category. Number two, what is your game plan? How hungry are you for your goal in order to really work every single day? Even if you never got paid. Even if you didn't get all the accolade that you deserved. Thirst, I think, and knowing your brand are the two key ingredients to making it. [MUSIC]
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