The Climb: Style Expert & TV Personality Jeannie Mai on Her Style Icon

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Jeannie reveals who her style icon is and why she's a girl-boss.


[MUSIC] I would say the best girl boss that I that right now I'm feeling is Sophia Amiroso. She did a great job first of all she knew her own self she was a vintage goddess. She knew how to go into any thrift store or online. Know how to search for the best finds, and hot to create a need for it for her audience, which were her buyers, and then from she created her online store that is now worth $100 million, I think. We all know it, Nasty Gal, and then from there she took her same tips and tricks and put it into a nice little book. To amplify how other women out there can be doing. That's a style icon for me. Style is not just what you're wearing. Style is what you possess. I would say for me 2014, that would be a style icon. [MUSIC]
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