The Climb: Style Expert Jeannie Mai on Her First TV Gig

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Jeannie shares with the panel how she booked her first tv gig through perseverance.


[MUSIC] I'm from the Bay Area and where I was born there was a lot of Hispanics, Asian, and African American. SO I thought that, that was the world, right? Then I got into television and I remember my aunts telling me that I couldn't make it in television because most women on television are caucasian. And they have bigger rounder eyes and they're more feasible on television. And I didn't believe until I walked into my first audition and sure enough no shade, but they were all models. Gorgeous, skinny, Caucasian models and walked up to the front like I'm here for the audition, and they said, we're pretty sure we don't want an Asian girl. That was crazy. So, the doors opened and I saw the person who last did the audition walk out. You guys, I took my paper, and I just busted through that door and went straight up to that desk. And I said you guys, I'm, I'm here to audition. Here's my read can I start? And they just said sure. And I looked at the camera and I just read it. I read my whole piece top to bottom, and I asked them do you guys want it a different way or is there anything else I can do, and they said, no that was good. Thank you. And I took my paper and I said thanks so much and I left. You guys I booked that job. Aw. It was first national. Campaign that I ever landed. But my point is that, when you really believe in yourself, you've gotta, that hurdle is gonna like, like, literally running up to it, it's gonna hit you if you're not ready for it. Success is preparation and then just going for it, and you will land. [MUSIC]
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