The Climb: The Panel on What Fashion Means to Them


Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, model Crystal Renn, blogger Arielle Nachmani, style expert Jeannie Mai, and model Myla Dalbesio discuss talk about what fashion means to them and how they express their creativity through design, style and more.


[MUSIC] When I think about fashion, you're creating a feeling, an expression, a mood on your body based on your body based off of. Jewelery, clothing. I genuinely believe that it's, it's, for me it's therapeutic. I enjoy putting outfits together. It feels like art to me. It feels like artwork. I second that. That is totally. But as a designer especially you know it is art. You get to create it. I mean I'm sketchin' what I'm drawing. And you're creating and you're being inspired by people that have done things in the past, like artists and photography and there's so much out there. Like you can be inspired by anything. You know it's really just, it's the best form of self expression there is out there and [INAUDIBLE] Yeah and being able to create that and sell that is such an amazing feeling. [MUSIC]
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