The Climb: The Panel on Success

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Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, model Crystal Renn, blogger Arielle Nachmani, style expert Jeannie Mai, and model Myla Dalbesio talk about why the road to success isn't always a straight line.


[MUSIC] The hurdle that I had to overcome was basically when I started I did not fit, you know, the standard. I was not the standard model in every way, probably in personality. Oh, she's way too strong .Oh, she, you know, I'm 5'9". Oh, it'd be great if she was 5'11". Basically, everything was going wrong for me, you know, through the beginning of my career and I just remember saying, you know, most important thing is that I have to ignore this and I have to recognize myself. For the special, weird me that I am. And that that's going to be the focus. That is going to be what gets me the success. You have to overcome. People will slam the door, you know? But you have to open it anyway. I think you have to be scrappy in some way in order to make it. When you're really trying to build a brand and build your business, you just have to get out there and do it. No one's gonna do it for you. By scrappy, you mean stand you for yourself? Stand up for yourself. Totally. Stand for yourself. And you have to hustle. Like, you've gotta get out there and you've gotta make it happen. You also have to understand. Like, if someone is shutting a door in your face, it's not always possible to open that door again. You have to explore, like, the other routes you can take to get through that door. Like, maybe you can't open that door again. Try to find a window that you can climb through, you know? I like that. For me, I feel like the hurdle was more just. Being confident, and believing in my style, and that there will be girls who like it. What was really difficult for me was the negativity that I would always get, from day one. I went through phases where I was just like, I, I'm just going to stop doing this. Like, I can't. It's just so horrible. But, I guess building that thick skin was my biggest. Hurdle, and I definitely have overcome it. [MUSIC]

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