The Climb: The Panel on Picking The Right Partner

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Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, model Crystal Renn, blogger Arielle Nachmani, style expert Jeannie Mai, and model Myla Dalbesio talk about the importance of picking the right partner in life for optimal success in building your career and brand.


[MUSIC] How many married women, two, one, two? Both married. Yeah. I went through chemotherapy, my husband, we weren't even engaged. Finding that person that's gonna be there for you no matter what is so important. I mean, I could not be doing what I'm doing now if it was not for my husband. I totally agree. I, I mean, I've only been married for a month now. [CROSSTALK] Oh, congratulations! Thank you. Newbie! But honestly, exactly what you're saying. Like, just someone that is going to support you no matter what. Like, what he does for a living is complete opposite from me, but. He's just so passionate about what I'm passionate about because he loves me so much, that he'll be the person behind my Instagram nonstop taking my photos, making sure that, you know, the lighting's perfect and everything. You're so lucky, my husband hates taking pictures for me. Like he fully takes, everyone's like wow, you're photography, I mean only on my Instagram, but that's my husband. And it's not easy to find, it's really isn't, I mean. Yeah. I'm sure we've all had many. [CROSSTALK] What I've noticed about, you know, having been in the relationships that I've been in, is that being best friends with your partner is number one. You should share. You should connect. You should be able to laugh, because life is going to through you surprises. You know, it's not going to always be very sexy and exciting. It's funny, because you think about three things that you're doing in your life, you would think it's career, you're sleeping, and you're with your partner. So I say, pick well. Pick a good mattress. I'm sorry, but you know? [LAUGH] The best thing can afford. And then, you know, do something you love for your career. And then it comes to the partner, of course. Like, why would you wanna be with anyone besides your best friend? Right. My husband, 13 years we've been married. Oh, wow! Like, forever. And if, you know, if we not best friends. If we were not, if we did not have the. Relationship that we have and the, the connection, it would never have worked. [MUSIC]
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