The Climb: The Panel on How They Use Fashion to Their Advantage

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Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, model Crystal Renn, blogger Arielle Nachmani, style expert Jeannie Mai, and model Myla Dalbesio discuss how they use fashion to their advantage.


[MUSIC] I believe fashion is a business, style is your story, there's two separate. Things. That's why I chose the business of being a style expert. I'm not an expert in fashion. Fashion is an industry. There's moving parts, there's brand. There's a whole world there. I totally agree. Style is your story. Here's the great news. Everybody has style. Every single person out there, I don't care if you're in the middle of Milwaukee or you're out overseas in Thailand. Your style is your story. Where you're from, what music you listen to, what you like, what colors generate your mood where you want to be, who you want to become. That's your story. You can dress that. Even if you're not there yet. That's style. I think fashion is, is really good to consider when you want a fresh start. When you are in the process of- Totally. You know and evolution I think that the first you should do is you should go and get a new wardrobe. And change your sheets. I. Buy new sheets. [LAUGH] I've noticed that, you know, when people wanna enter the business world, they wanna be successful, they want that promotion, I'm like wear the power suit. Be the power that you want. Dress the part. Right, exactly. I probably dress for a different reason because I wear clothes for a living, but, you know, in my own, my own wardrobe I find that, you know, comfort and I actually like black a lot. Because it makes me feel comfortable, it makes me feel safe. But I think that, you know, whatever people are doing for their fashion, it is the biggest industry. And it is a useful one, no matter how you use it. Well, cuz everyone needs it. [MUSIC]
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