The Climb: The Panel on How To Build a Successful Brand


Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, model Crystal Renn, blogger Arielle Nachmani, style expert Jeannie Mai, and model Myla Dalbesio talk about tools in building a successful brand and how authenticity is key!


[MUSIC] Well, I just opened my first store. [APPLAUSE] [NOISE] It was a really big deal. Where is it? It's on Fifth Avenue and 17th, in the Flatiron District. [CROSSTALK] That's a great location! But in that, you know, I made sure that I got this space that I could have a flag that I could put my website on so I can then use that for social. Like, it's really about. Doing whatever you can to build your brand, brand awareness socially, you know, for me Instagram. Obviously. Is everything. I feel like the biggest thing that you really need to know when you're building your brand is what you're brand is, make a list of five things that are most important to you, and what you want to project to the world. Write a mission statement for yourself about what you stand for and what is important to you. The number on thing to create a business. Is to base it off of something that you are so bleedingly passionate to do, meaning, even if you're not getting paid for it, would you still be doing what you wanted [UNKNOWN] to do. Totally. [CROSSTALK] I never really thought to my self, how do I build my brand? I was more just like. This is what I'm wearing today, and this is what I'm gonna pose. I never would really think about it. You're building a brand by just showing who you genuinely are. Right. And I think that a lot of people genuinely appreciate that, and I think that's what is so great about Instagram. For me it was kind of just a natural thing that. Just evolved and social media's Yeah. Changed everything for me. I think what you're saying is like authenticity is the most important thing. Yeah. Well at the end of the day, if you're doing what you love, then you know, ten years from now you're still will most likely will have something to say about it or you will like it. Yeah. I think authenticity is the most important when going forward, and that. And sometimes it's really difficult, actually, to bring all, you know, the complex parts of you together. So what I decided to do was, you know, the Instagram route, but not in the classical way. Right. There's has been a new, you know, part of me that has come out, and that has, you know, that is that I love photography. And that somehow pictures to me are a universal language. Expresses you, yeah. If you are, always are authentic you will be happy in the end. But, most importantly is also being open to an evolution, and knowing that you're human. Yeah. And that you can change, and, you know, these tools can allow you to do that. We are growing individuals. Yeah. Be yourself, be your brand. Exactly. Be, your own, own it. Yeah. Like, be who you are. Yeah. And yes, it can change daily. Yeah. And it evolves, and. Make change your brand. Yeah. [MUSIC]
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