The Climb: Model Myla Dalbesio on Her Struggle With Addiction

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Myla shares with the panel how she overcame addiction and was able to move past a major hurdle in her life.


[MUSIC] My mother died when I was younger. My father was dying. And I was addicted to prescription speed, because agencies were telling me that they didn't want to sign me until I lost, like, 15 pounds. And I'm living with my boyfriend and trying to hide my addiction from him. There was, like, a moment I was doing the dishes in the kitchen. And had this kind of moment of clarity. Like, maybe you should stop. That's pretty amazing, though, that you were able to figure, do it on your own, you know? I love you so much right now for having shared that. Yeah. That's beautiful. So how did you make that decision? Decision to get over that hurdle. I just decided I would never call to refill that prescription again and. I mean, it's just like, making that decision. It's not easy to move past things like that. And there's no, like, one way. There's no advice that I could give anyone to say, like, this is how you kick things like that. You know, you have to try to be good to yourself and you need to surround yourself with people who are really supportive and really love you. And just be ready to fight, because it takes a long time. I mean, you know, you went through chemotherapy. You have to fight. You have to fight. It's such a mental thing. You have to believe that you're gonna be okay and that you're gonna overcome it. That's the only way that you're gonna get better and especially when you're, it's a health or it's an addiction. It's something, there's no way that it's gonna happen unless. You know, in your heart of hearts, that you wanna change, and that you're gonna do it, or if you wanna be better, and you know you can heal yourself. [MUSIC]
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