The Climb: Model Myla Dalbesio on Authenticity

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Myla reveals that being authentic is the way to achieve success.


[MUSIC] I've always been really, like true to myself, very honest. I've never really pulled any punches about who I am and what I'm interested in. And I also like really put in the time. I mean, I've been modeling for nine years, and it took nine years to land Calvin Klein [LAUGH]. I would describe my climb as long and hard. Yeah, being really honest with myself and having a lot of faith in. In who I am has made it easier. And also, I never had one goal in mind, it was never like, I wanna be on the cover of this magazine, or I wanna be in this campaign. It was just that I wanted to have a happy life. Think setting realistic expectations for myself. Was really helpful and it made each step of my journey feel like a great accomplishment. [MUSIC]
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