The Climb: Model & Author Crystal Renn on Evolution

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Crystal talks about how her evolution as a woman molded her modeling career.


[MUSIC] I'm not someone who kind of stops and, and takes this moment and says oh, here it is now. I mean, I think there's moments where I probably should have done that, but I tend to be someone who's about next but, I mean, if I were to analyze it and say. You know, what were these impossible moments? I would say, getting to end a runway show for an iconic designer, working with the best artists, photographers in the world. You know, being able to play characters, being challenged on a daily basis. These things, they, they healed me, they made me better. And I find that that's a form of success. That's a moment when I go, wow, look at what I've overcome. Who I was when I started this profession is very different that now. [MUSIC]
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