The Climb: Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fisher on Work Ethic

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Jennifer discusses how a strong work ethic helped to develop her successful business.


[MUSIC] My climb in this business has been a long one, I've built this business slowly, slowly snowballing, trying to create a great infrastructure for my business over the years, so when it really does grow and develop it's really ready to platform and really to take off. I think the key is staying true to yourself and who you are. But I also think that a really strong work ethic is key. When I young I really wasn't, you know, given every single thing that I wanted. You know, my father, when I was in high school. You know, I wanted something. He said, well, go get a job. Go work for it if you want that. And that's really something that I truly believe in, especially becoming a role model my children and other women. You know, you really have to go out there and fight and work for what you want, because nothing is really gonna be handed to you. [MUSIC]
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