The Climb: Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fisher on Brand-Building

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Jennifer reveals how building relationships helps to build a brand.


[MUSIC] For women jewelery is, is, is armor. You know, and I feel like it's a talisman, it protects you, and it's so individual. You know, we kind of at this point, we make something for everybody. But, you know, you can go soft, and you can go a little harder and more, you know, statementey. But it's about wearing something to protect yourself, and to make yourself, give yourself a sense of inner strength. A celebrity following is very important for marketing and for business. I'm not gonna deny that. That's huge. But, I think, even more important than that, is relationships within the industry. I really tried to, over the years, build friendships and individual relationships with lots of different people in this business. And also people outside of this business. You know, people that have grown other companies, take advice from them. Just have as many meetings as you can with all different types of people running different types of businesses because you can learn something from everybody outside of your own business. That's another thing that I think people don't realize. I think you've gotta get out there and just get information and advice from everybody. [MUSIC]
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