The Climb: Fashion Blogger Arielle Nachmani on Social Media & How To Grow a Brand

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Arielle gives insight on how consistency and interacting with followers helps to build a name for yourself.


[MUSIC] I think the fact that I still interact with my followers. Just sort of being humble and talking to them and giving them answers to their questions. I think a lot of the time girls get to a point where they just. Don't think to do that anymore. Also, for the fact of being, you know, consistent with what you're doing. I don't go a day without posting on my blog, because I know that if I were to go to a website, I want to see something different every day. Otherwise, I'm not gonna go back. And three, I stay true to who I am and try to really incorporate that into my photos. [MUSIC] It becomes a business when you are changing a brand. For example, if a brand, you know, is launching a new collection, and they come to you and say, you know, we see the effect you have on these girls. We want you to promote our pieces. I think that's the moment when you're like, okay, I can actually make money off of what I'm doing. [MUSIC]
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