Cindy Crawford: 60 Seconds of Style


The supermodel reveals her daily beauty routine, fashion favorites and her secret to feeling sexy.


[MUSIC] My kind of bare minimum beauty routine for most days well, it's taking care of your skin all the time so that on those days, you just need a little bit of concealer or foundation and I mean a little bit. And then usually I put a little powder to set that. And then I'll put a little cheek color on and mascara and some kind of lip gloss or lip conditioner and I'm out the door. You know, one of my favorite things that I wear all the time right now are Sue London ballet flats they're so comfortable. They're great for traveling. They kind of go with anything. And I know if I have like a black maybe a tan in my bag, I can, I can make it work with a lot of different outfits. I think the one piece of clothing that makes me feel most comfortable and most of women I know is that perfect pair of jeans. Or as close to perfect as we can find. I don't if we'll ever really find the perfect pair of jeans. But if you have a pair of jeans that you feel like, you know, make your butt look good, you're, you're, you're feeling pretty confident. The thing that makes me feel the most beautiful is, is not a thing, is a person, it's my husband. And, you know, I know that he loves the way that I look, without hair, without makeup, without the Versace dress. So definitely see myself through his eyes makes me feel sexy. [MUSIC]
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